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Take control of your $HOME

Install and manage all the tools you need to be productive. Use a simple command line tool or edit one YAML file and you're off to the races.

bling: HIGH
- go
- ripgrep
- vscode
- nodejs
- $HOME/bin
- $HOME/.local/bin


What is Fleek?

Fleek is an all-in-one management system for everything you need to be productive on your computer. Fleek wraps Nix Home Manager, giving you almost all the power of a declarative home configuration without having to learn Nix.


Keep reading below to learn more about what Fleek is and how it can help you, or use these links to jump to a specific section:


Step-by-step guides to setting up your system and installing Fleek.

First Steps

Get up and running in less than five minutes.


Choose your destiny with pre-configured Bling levels.

Command Line Reference

Reference for the `fleek` command.

Own your $HOME

Instant Productivity

Fleek takes you from an empty slate to a fully productive working environment in less than five minutes.

Take It With You

No matter whether you work on a shiny new M2 MacBook Air, a well-loved ThinkPad running Linux, or Windows with WSL, Fleek lets you take the exact same environment, tools, and configuration wherever you go.

Zero Learning Curve To Start

You don't need to master a fancy DSL or spelunk through pages of online manuals to get started with Fleek. Answer two questions and you're instantly off to the races. Fleek gives you opinionated starter configurations for bash and zsh in four different levels of BLING. You can choose a standard close-to-stock experience, or dial your environment to 11 with all the latest desktop and terminal bling. And switching between them takes less than a minute when you change your mind.

Every Tool At Your Fingertips

Whether you need to install a new programming language's toolset or the latest social media application, Fleek has you covered with the largest set of programs and packages in the world. Add a line to your .fleek.yml file and fleek apply yourself into freedom. Or just fleek add what you need and Fleek will handle the rest for you.

Eject Button Optional

If you reach a point where you've grown beyond Fleek's opinions and you want more, just fleek eject and manage your configurations manually.

Party in the Front, Business in the Back

Fleek is a user-friendly wrapper around Nix and Nix Home Manager, but the friendly fleek command hides all the complexity from you. Edit a 10 line YAML file and Fleek harnesses the power of Nix behind the scenes.