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Fleek is self-managed as of v0.9.0. If you have installed fleek using a deprecated method, you will need to upgrade using the method described below.

Upgrade Fleek

Rather than downloading and installing Fleek, we're going to use the power of nix to run it directly from GitHub. This will let Fleek manage itself, and you'll always have the latest version.

Update your generated flakes to the latest version:

nix run "https://getfleek.dev/latest.tar.gz" -- write

Update flake references:

nix run "https://getfleek.dev/latest.tar.gz" -- update

Now let's apply your configuration:

nix run https://getfleek.dev/latest.tar.gz -- apply

It will take a bit to download and install everything, but when it's done you should see something like this:

... more text above this ...
Activating onFilesChange
Activating reloadSystemd
 []  Operation completed successfully

Removing Deprecated Installation Options

Nix Profile (Deprecated)

If you added Fleek to your default nix profile, you can remove it with these command:

nix profile list

You'll see a list of installed programs. Note the line number of the fleek installation. Then run:

nix profile remove <line number of fleek>

GitHub Releases (Deprecated)

Remove the fleek binary from your system:

rm /usr/local/bin/fleek

Replace the path with the path to your fleek binary if it's not in /usr/local/bin.

Homebrew (Deprecated)

If you used Homebrew to install Fleek, you can remove it with this command:

brew remove fleek
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